OPS Brand





Brand Book

PDF showing platform, logo, color, typography and graphic element information.

Logo Pack

All logo colors in EPS, JPEG and PNG.

Graphic Pack

Patterns, textures, color dashes, callouts.

Icon Pack

Social media icons, general icons in EPS and PNG.


Icon Pack 1 - Careers, Departments, Facebook, Faculty, Hashtag, Instagram, Medal, Media, News Release, Newsletter, Notes, Pinterest, Plan, Podcast, Podium, Positive, Posts, Print, Scissors, Schools, Social, Students, Twitter, Video, YouTube

Icon Pack 2 - Athletics, Cell phone, Computer, Finances, Student Group

Icon Pack 3 - Construction, Future, Growth 1, Growth 2, On time/On Budget, Opportunity 1, Opportunity 2, Timeline

Color Pack

Color guide PDF with ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files for CMYK and PMS palettes.

PowerPoint Templates

Standard and widescreen formats.

Powerpoint Templates with Photos

Word Templates

Standard letter and cover sheet. Color and black/white letterhead templates are included.

Word Flyers

Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign templates.

InDesign Flyers

Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign templates.

Facebook Banner Templates

Templates for Facebook banner (cover) photos

Email Signature

Instructions on setting up email signature in Office 365 and resized logo. 

OPS Proud Photos

Photos from OPS Proud Photo at Burke Stadium on April 25, 2017