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External Use Guidelines

External Use Guidelines of Omaha Public Schools Trademarks and materials request form. 

Omaha Public Schools Trademarks
External Use Guidelines


1.     The trademarks owned by the Omaha Public Schools, for the District and for its individual schools and programs (collectively, the "OPS Trademarks") are protected by trademark laws and can only be used with written permission from the OPS Communications Department, as detailed below.

2.     For purposes of these Guidelines, OPS Trademarks shall include all registered or unregistered trademarks and service marks (such as words, names, symbols, logos, taglines, or any combination of these).

3.     The OPS Communications Department vets all requests to ensure proper and appropriate use of the OPS Trademarks and to ensure quality representation of the OPS Trademarks with regard to color and size for any intended external use in print or web format.

4.     Fair use of the Omaha Public Schools name and logo, and use of an individual school or program name or logo by media for description and identification is permissible.  However, fair use of these names and marks is permitted under limited circumstances and should not be assumed.

5.     Any unauthorized use of the OPS Trademarks or use of the OPS Trademarks in any way that suggests an endorsement, sponsorship or affiliation where none exists will result in a demand to immediately cease use of the OPS Trademarks.  The Omaha Public Schools reserves the right to any and all necessary legal measures to protect its intellectual property rights and the goodwill associated with the OPS Trademarks.

6.     Selling items that include an OPS Trademark without express written permission to do so is an infringement of the rights of the Omaha Public Schools and will not be allowed.

7.     Appropriation of the OPS Trademarks on competing goods or services or for any use that could cause confusion regarding ownership or endorsement is strictly prohibited. 

Please submit all request for use of an OPS Trademark(s) for external use via the Use of Logo and Copyright Protected Materials Request Form to:

Kala Morrissey, Coordinator of Marketing and Visual Information
Omaha Public Schools
(531) 299-9421